Auto connect requests for sayonara snap

Requesting auto-connect for removable-media for the snap

Since it is an audio player, that can play mp3 files and other, which can be stored on mounted devices such as external harddrives or mounted network shares, it makes sense to allow the player to access these locations per default.

Please grant permission to auto-connect removable-media.



After several discussions between snapd architects, security, advocacy and other reviewers, we’ve updated our removable-media criteria in our processes.

Applying the new criteria to this request, sayonara is an audio player. lists its 0.3.2 release more than 7 years ago. I was unable to determine @tschlaeppi’s status within the sayonara upstream project.

@advocacy, can you vet the publisher using one of these criteria:

  • the snap’s (vetted) publisher is the upstream of the software
  • if the snap is published by someone other than upstream, the publisher must be vetted and either be an established committer to the upstream or the wider snap ecosystem (eg, an established well-known contributor to the software itself, a member of the snapcrafters group, etc)

Hello @jdstrand, @advocacy

Thank you for the validation of this request.

Here are some additional information:

  • Sayonara Player is under active development. Version 1.6.0 is about to be released soon.
  • You will find the GIT repo on Gitlab:
  • I am covering the snap part - you will find my commits in the git history. These commits were merged into master by the owner of the repo.

I hope this helps



@advocacy - ping, can you perform the vetting?

Ping @advocacy - could you please perform vetting?

I’ve vetted the publisher. +1 from me.

@Igor thanks - +1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media for sayonara as well.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, publisher vetting done - this is now live.