Auto-Connect Request: lsb-release for Slack

Hi all! This is a request for auto-connect for Slack’s strict confinement snap, for the following interfaces:

etc-slack-lsb-release: A system files interface that connects to /etc/lsb-release, /etc/debian_version, /etc/pop-os/lsb-release,/usr/lib/os-release

To provide a quick summary: Initially, we included /etc/lsb-release , /etc/debian_version , /etc/pop-os/lsb-release , and /usr/lib/os-release in the layout rather than in a plug. However, due to a DNS issue with Slack on Linux laptops, we have decided to remove our layout and instead add it to the plug. This will allow users to read from the file path directly.

If you have any questions or need more information about the plug, please let me know! Thank you!

Hi @Ami:

what’s exactly the use case for these accesses requested?

  • /etc/lsb-release is in the default template so should work right away.
  • system-observe allows to read the content of /usr/lib/os-release (although note that this is via /var/lib/snapd/hostfs so the snap need to read from that location instead). Otherwise if you try reading os-release you will see the information from the base snap instead.
  • The entire host filesystem is mounted inside /var/lib/snapd/hostfs, and system-backup allows read access to it.

I suggest spawning a shell inside the snap environment and try to read their contents to compare.

In any case, slack is not the owner of the files, so its highly possible that use but not auto-connection is gonna be granted.

Hey @Ami,

Are these accesses still required? I see the latest slack revisions successfully passed automated review without this at all (it seems they were removed on rev #71).

Hi @Ami - ping again, can you please confirm if these requested accesses still required? If not, we can remove this request from our review queue and in case you need them in the future, we can add the request back to the queue. Thanks.

Hi @ sahnaseredini and @ emitorino, I’m so sorry for the late reply. yes, please cancel my request. Thank you very much!

Thanks for letting us know @Ami, I will remove this request from our queue.