Auto connect req for audio-record and camera for Whatsie

This is a request to auto-connect the audio-record and the camera interface for the Whatsie snap whose source code is hosted on github here

Whatsie is WhatsApp web wrapper with many packed features, that makes it one of the popular in the list of WhatsApp web applications available in the Snap-store.

Without the audio-record and camera interfaces auto connected by default, many users of Whatsie snap are reporting that they are getting “no microphone found popup”, and “no camera found” errors in the main UI when they are trying to send recorded audio and camera picture using the app.

Screenshot from 2021-09-01 00-31-17

This behaviour is leading them to report the same as bug, or giving negative reviews in store or even making them uninstall the Application.

Thank you.


Snaps should have clear interface like in android for permission management, and it should ask before starting the application .

As you’re using QtWebEngine, maybe you can tailor this example:

Specifically, replace the calls to setFeaturePermission with a custom popup that walks the user through granting the privilege in their system, or silently continuing if the permission has already been granted. This can then be altered again in the potential future when snapd gains support for a permissions API that Snapped apps may use.

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I have something like this here

To implement something exactly like what is shown in the example you posted will need me to check the actual presence of hardware cam/mic in this case and identify if the it actually exists or i am not able to access it being in the strict confinement.

+1 from me for auto-connect camera and audio-record to whatsie, since sending recorded audios and pictures are main functionalities of this snap. Can other @reviewers please vote?


The snap description does not mention anything related to video/audio though so assuming this is updated to give the user the knowledge and expectation that whatsie can do video/audio and hence would then have access to camera/audio-record, +1 from me too. @keshavnrj can you please update the description?

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Oh No! the snap store description has changed automatically. I had a big manually updated description in the store with all the details which was overridden from snapcraft.yaml i guess. :frowning: I am updating the description again.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of camera and audio-record to whatsie. This is now live.

@keshavnrj you should remove the explanation you added regarding how to connect such interfaces since its not needed now. But please if possible add a description on the features list, explaining the use of camera and audio record so users which are not familiar with how this snap or whastapp work can expect both to be auto-connected as they are now.

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I have added in description that, Whatever feature they get with whatsapp web are available with Whatsie like sending voice messages, sending pictures captured from their webcam etc.