Auto-connect joystick+hardware-observe for interstellar-armada


I have an open-source web-based game (available on github since 2014) that I recently packaged with electron-build as a snap. The game supports joysticks and gamepads via the Gamepad API, and while testing the snap I have found that for this to work in Electron, the joystick and hardware-observe plugs both need to be connected, otherwise the connected joysticks/gamepads are not detected.

I would kindly request enabling the auto-connection of these two interfaces. This is 3D space shooter and joystick+gamepad support is also in the description. Regarding hardware-observe, the only reason I request it is because Electron would not detect the joysticks otherwise in my tests.

Store page:

KrisztiƔn Nagy

+1 from me for both - joystick auto-connect for games is standard, and hardware-observe makes sense in this case to allow electron to detect the device.

+1 from me also for auto-connect of joystick, since this fits the criteria of being a game snap, and for auto-connect of hardware-observe, for required reading and reporting of hardware details.

As I understand the voting procedure, this has now passed? So will it be enabled then?

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of joystick and hardware-observe for interstellar-armada - this is now live.