AppArmor denials for Hiri after updates

@mvo does hiri crash for you if you use the upstream tarball?

@zyga-snapd If I run it from the snap directory without using snap run and instead just do “LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd) ./hirimain” it comes up.

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Can you collect /proc/$pid/maps from the working copy? (also /proc/$pid/fd/*)

It looks like the new /dev/nvidia-modeset is missing in our compat handling for the nvidia driver in snap-confine. This PR shoudl fix it.

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We tracked it down to an issue with the newer nvidia driver. A fixed core is now in the beta channel. After a snap refresh --beta core things should work again.

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A fix for this issue has been released in snapd 2.28.5 which is now available in the stable channel and will find its way to various distributions soon.