Any "screen recording" program packaded as snap that is working in Wayland?

I am on Ubuntu 20.04 using Wayland at login. I am forced to use Wayland, because when using X11 I get frequent Ubuntu freezes and when reporting a bug on Launchpad I was advised to use Wayland.

Now I see all of the programs that I need for day to day usage work fine on Wayland except I can’t find any screen recorder that is working fine on Wayland. Has someone tested screen recorder program on Wayland that is working without issues? I would like it to be packaged as snap if possible, because I can’t afford instability on this system installing some potentially unstable deb.

GNOME has built in screen recording. See

@keygenqt, thanks I didn’t know Gnome has build in screen recording. I tried and it works fine.

But… This program seems to have no options to set. I usually only record small part of my screen, to drastically reduce the size of recorded file. I am looking for some program to have at least screen size option to set.