Alsa-mixin, jack library collisions

Trying to create a snap for mycroft-precise as an exercise I’m running into an issue trying to make alsa available for pyaudio/portaudio using the alsa-mixin:

Failed to stage: Parts 'alsa-mixin' and 'mycroft-precise' have the following files, but with different contents:

The snapcraft.yaml can be seen here:

Any hint to what can cause this kind of conflict?

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I had to move the portaudio and pulseaudio stage packages to the mixin to get it to build. Still can’t get the mic input up and running but it gets a tiny bit further into the startup…

For reference, this is what I ended up with to get pyaudio running and handling inputs:

Important bit is probably to not have portaudio19-dev as part of the site-packages.

Are you trying this in an interactive session on a desktop computer, as a daemon, or on an Ubuntu Core device?

Pulseaudio only works when launched by a user-session such as is created when you login to your desktop on a PC. Without Pulseaudio running in a user’s desktop session the Alsa override from my utility will not be functional. This means that my Alsa override is not usable by services/daemons.

These are all standalone programs and run by me from a terminal (on my desktop).

I actually got mic input up and running, but not in strict confinement so far so I still have some config issue remaining.

I am still curious how to think about setting up stage-packages when doing this kind of thing to avoid conflicts like the one I originally had…