Allow to upload icons with the app_id.svg in meta/gui

There are two snaps from our team NickvisionApps, and I have them published under my name.

  1. Denaro
  2. Tube Converter

Until now, these snaps were not showing symbolic icons in the snap store (except fragments none still show any symbolic icon in the panel as far as I was able to look for). So, as a workaround, I copied all I first moved all the icons from /usr/share/icons to meta/gui. Now the apps were showing symbolic icons. This hack was also necessary, because snapcraft would override the desktop file if it can find icons, and hardcode the icon path.

But, as I came to know, these are treated as warnings and not allowed to be uploaded, needs to have a snap.app_name before them. But, with that name, I am unable to make it work.

So, we would like to have it being allowed to use to be uploaded. If any alternative is there, we would surely do it that way, without violating any snap-store rules. A brief on this is also requested. @ogra @roadmr @kenvandine, we would request your help on this matter if possible.

As I searched in the store, most of the snap I came across, don’t show any symbolic icon. I hope this thing can be fixed.


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@ogra can you shed some light on this thing, please.