Allow removable-media permission for xournalpp snap


I hope this is the right place to ask for this: I’d like the xournalpp snap to connect to removable-media, to access my files. In my uneducated mind perhaps that would be very easy to allow and make a huge difference for me.

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@kenvandine - does it make sense to add ‘removeable-media’ to this snap?

I does make sense to provide it, but I not so sure about auto-connections.

Thank you for noticing the question!

I adopted a tip from @zyga-snapd following an omgubuntu thread (unfortunately the comments have been removed from the article) where I now mount NAS and certain zfs folders underneath /mnt so I can access them in sne aps. But that requires the removable media connector.

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@kenvandine - have you had a chance to consider this?

Sorry, missed this. I’ll add removeable-media

This is done now, but not auto-connected.

Working perfectly fine! Many thanks guys, I can access zfs datasets and nfs mounts under /mnt now :slight_smile:

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