Allow global auto-connect for Canonical Livepatch to system-packages-doc


The latest release of the Canonical Livepatch client snap has added the system-packages-doc interface. We would like this interface to be automatically connected.

Justification: The Livepatch client has implemented new functionality that requires it to be aware of the current kernel’s build date. This information is normally available from a syscall or the uname -a command. However due to this bug that is not always available. As a weak alternative the client would look at the created date of the kernel’s deb changelog located at /usr/share/doc/<kernel>/changelog.Debian.gz

+1 from me, the interface seems well-scoped and really innocuous:

I’ve gone ahead and granted auto-connect for this snap since the purpose and intent are clear and the exposed information is non-sensitive and mostly public. If other reviewers feel differently please let me know.

  • Daniel

  • Daniel

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+1 from me too. I was going to suggest to use system-files for this but then it would mean having to include every possible kernel package name - which would be a lot more unwieldy for no real benefit. So the use of system-packages-doc seems quite reasonable in this case.