Allow classic confinment for my app

Hey I want to use the classic confinement for my app named Tess Tess is a terminal emulator written using nodejs and electron, it’s open source so you can check the code on github

Can you review my app ?

Hey, if that can help you, here is the github:

Hey @reviewers Any update about this request ?

As tess is a terminal emulator, the requirements for classic confinement (as per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps) is understood. @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

@Igor ping, can you please perform publisher vetting? Thanks!

@Squitch is there an official page for Tess (other than the GH repo)?

@Igor Hey, an website is available at however, it is currently in development and only a version redirecting to the GH is available

Could you PM me the official support email for your domain? Thanks.

+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Thanks for accepting my request. Now a manual review is needed. Have you any idea about the time of this process?