Allow autoconnect mpv-wayland:ffmpeg-2204 to the content snap ffmpeg-2204

Using ffmpeg from the content snap would eliminate need of ffmpeg build maintenance and reduce snap package size.

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Hi @kotyk,

have you made the required changes to mpv-wayland? I don’t see them yet in the latest uploaded revision. Thanks!

Revision 14 in latest/edge now has ffmpeg-2204 plug

thank you @kotyk !

+1 from me for auto-connecting ffmpeg-2204 to mpv-wayland.

You might also want to follow the discussion on Official Support for ffmpeg-2204 content snap and continuation - #3 by alexmurray. I think this is important for mpv-wayland to make sure ffmpeg-2204 keeps a stable api (cc @soumyaDghosh).

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+1 from me as well for auto-connecting ffmpeg-2204 to mpv-wayland.

+2 votes for and 0 against. Granting mpv-wayland auto-connect to the ffmpeg-2204 content snap. This is now live. Please let us know if you experience any issues.

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