Alias requests for chocolate-doom-jdstrand

I request the following aliases for

  • chocolate-doom
  • chocolate-doom-setup
  • chocolate-heretic
  • chocolate-heretic-setup
  • chocolate-server
  • chocolate-strife
  • chocolate-strife-setup

These are the common executable names known to chocolate-doom users.

why the -jdstrand suffix?

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IIRC (quite some time ago) someone said they were working on a snap for chocolate-doom. I didn’t see the snap in the store and just did the snap for myself as a fun side project and thought others would enjoy. I’m not upstream and I have no affiliation with upstream and suspect I may eventually have functionality that diverges from pure upstream (but not for the commands I requested aliases for).

@reviewers - can two or more of you vote on this request?

If / when upstream creates the “official” chocolate-doom snap and they want the same aliases will this be a problem? Would the two conflict if they are both installed and both have the same aliases?

I am :+1: on the aliases.

We don’t advocate for the use of -myname suffixes these days since it is easier to hand over a snap to upstream and not impact existing users of the snap.

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Sure. My point is perhaps I don’t want to hand it over :wink:

snapd knows how to handle snaps that declare the same interfaces. I don’t recall the specific details but believe that both are installable and the the first installed gets the alias.

(assuming you meant “the same aliases” there)
indeed, that’s what snap install --unaliased and snap prefer help with.

I of course meant “the same aliases”.

FWIW one thing with aliases is that you can’t have an alias that is the name of a snap

@jdstrand, I’ve updated the snap declaration to include these aliases.