Alias request for snap ‘google-cloud-cli’

The ‘google-cloud-cli’ snap includes six executables bq, gcloud, gsutil, anthoscli, docker-credential-gcloud, kubectl.

Requesting aliases for these executables.

Background: Same set of aliases in two snaps

Since renaming is not supported yet, we plan to publish same content in this newly created snap google-cloud-cli and gradually deprecate snap google-cloud-sdk.

Previous alias request for google-cloud-sdk: Alias request for snap 'google-cloud-sdk'

Wonder if there is any update on this. Appreciate it.

Apologies, this request got lost previously as it was only tagged store not store-requests - I have retagged it and it will be reviewed soon.

Hey @cocosheng, @alexmurray:

So the aliases were granted as part of this other request on Feb 3rd. I believe this request is not valid anymore. @cocosheng could you please confirm this?


Closing this request as it has already been granted in the past.