Alias request for Prometheus snap

I’d like to request the alias “promtool” for the “prometheus” snap ( please.

Promtool is a binary built alongside Prometheus, which is used to test the configuration of, and rules for, Prometheus. I’m not aware of any other uses of the term “promtool” outside of Prometheus.


Not surprisingly this conflicts with the prometheus package in the Ubuntu archive etc but that is to be expected since they are the same thing :wink: and so users will likely expect / be aware of any name conflict as a result of installing both the snap and deb etc.

+1 from me for alias promtool for prometheus.

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+1 from me too for granting the alias promtool for the prometheus snap, noting the deb name conflict is the same tool.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting alias promtool for the prometheus. This is now live.

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