After installing qts3browser many files got deleted from my system

After installing this snap, a bunch of files got deleted from my system:

It didn’t work properly either.
Very buggy.

Unfortunately this snap doesn’t list a bug contact AFAICS. It appears that this snap corresponds to this project: You might have better luck getting the snap fixed up by reporting your issue there.

This is where ratings and reviews and/or a requirement for having something on where to contact the developer/file bugs would be great. I don’t know the status of this work; perhaps @noise or @evan do?

Ok, I’ll try there. It deleted about 200GB of data, not sure how genuine this app is. I could make it stop by uninstalling.

Is there any possibility that this snap is malicious in the first place?

well, there is likely a reason why it was never published out of the edge channel, it might simply not be ready to be released yet …

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It does not work with HiDPI, either. Very messy. Would be great to have some level of quality control here.

there is no quality control or even quality expectation to edge-only-channel snaps usually, thats the channel for wild development and breakage by design (typically an automatic build from your development master branch on github) …

snaps from that channel can not be installed without extra commandline options (–edge or --channel edge) to the snap command and wont be shown in graphical snap management software by default…

if you explicitly do a snap install --edge qts3browser to get an unstable snap installed, it is kind of expected that you know what you are doing and are willing to live with the instability (or simply try to help the developer to find bugs and issues) …

OTOH if that snap would be in the stable channel this would indeed be a totally valid complaint :slight_smile:

$ snap info qts3browser
name:      qts3browser
summary:   Amazon S3 client written in QT
publisher: Artur Fog (arturfog)
license:   GPL-3.0+
description: |
  Amazon S3 client written in QT.
snap-id: O4OWhMpqhAjo8HIOgrHx1rfe29a4aF1L
  stable:    –                   
  candidate: –                   
  beta:      –                   
  edge:      1.0.4 (133) 137MB - 

You’re right, I forgot this was an edge package. :slight_smile: