Advanced search options in storefront planned?


I find the search options in the store kind of lacking. I would like at least the following options:

  • Get a listing of the most recently updated snaps
  • Advanced search (or sorting of search results), including update date, search from a particular publisher (including only verified accounts) etc.

Is any of the above possible with the current interface - if no, is it planned anytime? :thinking:


i think @daniel had something that works like an rss feed for newly added snaps (though i might mis-remember)

(i know, thats not exactly the same thing as you are asking)

An RSS of new snaps would work for now. Would definitely like to hear more about this.

While I haven’t finished (or started) an RSS feed per se, I do have posting a tweet on every new snap that it sees to the @snapstats_org twitter account. I will eventually get a round tuit and build the RSS feed.

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Boom. One RSS feed:


That’s great! Moving over to RSS now… A much better way for discovery!