"* adjust program to not access '@{PROC}/sys/net/xyz/queue_init"

I have networking related snap that writes to - /proc/sys/net/xyz/queue_init

On installing snap, I see following AppArmor errors:

= AppArmor =
Time: Nov 09 04:07:26
Log: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="snap.tf.launch" name="/proc/sys/net/xyz/queue_init" pid=3558 comm="tf" requested_mask="w" denied_mask="w" fsuid=0 ouid=0
File: /proc/sys/net/xyz/queue_init (write)
* adjust program to not access '@{PROC}/sys/net/xyz/queue_init'

I have following connections:

hardware-observe         tf:hardware-observe  :hardware-observe      gadget
network                  tf:network           :network               -
network-bind             tf:network-bind      :network-bind          -
network-observe          tf:network-observe   :network-observe       gadget
process-control          tf:process-control   :process-control       gadget
system-observe           tf:system-observe    :system-observe        gadget

Am I missing any connection for /proc/sys/net/…?

Hi, this access is fairly odd, is your application really trying to access /proc/sys/net/xyz/... or did you change the name of the actual denial? We don’t currently have any interfaces which would allow this access since it seems to not be used anywhere from some cursory searching on my end.