Adding a certificate into a snap


I encountered a problem recently.

I’m using Rocky Linux 8.4 on my machine and I wanted to use Dino, a modern XMPP client. The only way I found to get it is the dino-client-master snap, so I installed it, the program runs without functional problems.

The thing here is that I want to join an homemade XMPP server, when I try to join it, Dino recognize the server but won’t authenticate because he can’t trust the server.

On other machines who have ubuntu, I just had to put my server’s certificate in the ca-certificate folder and do an update-ca-certificate and it would work, but here I don’t really see how I can do. Since I can’t change any file in a snap (or I missed something ?), I tryied to mount a directory with my certificate in it, in the core snap’s ca-certificate directory, but nothing happens, Dino still doesn’t trust as if he don’t see the certificate.

On Ubuntu I could use update-ca-certificates but here, I don’t see how I could do it in the snap.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance for the responses