Add pop theme in gtk common themes snap

Pop OS right now has a pretty large userbase however there seems to be no support for the Pop OS theme. It would be great if pop theme could be added to the gtk common themes snap.

I think this would be better posted in the #snap-requests category, but perhaps @jamesh knows who would be responsible for making such a change

Sorry for the delay: I missed this thread.

We are in the process of improving the way theme data is distributed. While at present, the primary means of distributing theme data is through the gtk-common-themes snap, the plan is to allow theme authors or community members to package themes as their own snaps, and have them downloaded automatically as needed. We don’t yet have all the moving parts in place yet though.

To test things out, there is a gtk-theme-traditionalhumaized published on the store for testing. The idea is that snaps like this could be installed along side gtk-common-themes, and be plugged into all the same application snaps. At the moment it won’t autoconnect because we haven’t yet requested the store assertions to allow this.

The other missing parts are (a) a desktop service to detect the currently used themes, and request installation of matching snaps, and (b) review-tools validation rules to verify that theme snaps are safe to install (essentially that that they only contain theme data and nothing else).

There are already quite a few themes that are distributed in the store as standalone snaps. How do they work?

And when do you guys plan to release this feature @jamesh? This would completely alleviate the theming issue.