Accessing rfkill binary inside a snap

Hello All,

I have been building my snap in strict confinement and I’m supposed to use rfkill binary to enable/disable soft blocked Wifi/Bluetooth devices. But I couldn’t find any slot to access the rfkill binary.

Kindly let me know if there any slot available for the same.


there is only rw access to the device, enabled by the network-control, network-manager and bluez interfaces, you will have to add rfkill as a stage-package to your snap … it is not guaranteed that all the systems you run your snap on will have the rfkill binary around, so to make sure your snap runs even on such systems you should simply ship the rfkill binary.

Hello @ogra,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is it possible to integrate the rfkill inside the snap binary with strict confinement.?

just add it to your stage-packages list in the snapcraft.yaml of your snap and enable the network-control interface (and connect it after installing the snap). applications running in the snap will then find the rfkill binary in their PATH.


Hello @ogra,

It works! Thanks!