About "Trigger new build" in store "Builds" section


after a github commit, trying to build “glpi-agent” snap this morning I tried clicking on “Trigger new build” button. I saw the rolling circle telling me something is happening and after some seconds, the button remained as normal but no build was started, and I didn’t get any message.

Okay, now I know the problem was in my snapcraft.yaml and I suspected this very quickly. But I just want to say there I didn’t have any message about why nothing happened. At least a snapcraft failure would have been clear.

This would be a very little improvement :wink:

The store builds are powered with the Launchpad infrastructure, you can actually see the build logs for your snap here


Not as nice as a message in the snap store UI itself but I think you’d find interesting to know about.

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Thank you, I didn’t know that. This page is really handy.

I think the link should also appear somewhere in the snap store Builds page.