About local login without internet

i have read about this document,and create auto-import.assert.
i put it in my device and reboot it.
snap known system-user show system-user is created successful.but it still need internet and the user name created by email.to login the device.
it seem that system-user created by assert file do not work. i’m not sure if it’s normal.
are there some other ways to login in the core locally without connecting to internet?

@mvo not sure I understand the issue here

Hello @cyndent - thanks for your message.

The way I read your message is that you created a user via the first-boot mechanism (console-conf) already. If that is the case then adding a system-user assertion will not trigger the user creation automatically. This will only happen if the device was unmanaged before.

This is outlined in https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/guides/manage-devices in the part: In general, you cannot add a system user to a system that is already "managed.

However you can still trigger the creation by running:

$ sudo snap create-user --known --force-managed

or via the snapd API.

Hi,very thanks for your help…
i think it wil trigger the creation automatically after i put the file in and reboot …
it works well now…

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