A snap built in 18.04 image

Hi there with the release of 18.04 just around the corner… My assumption is that the base used to create a snap will be updated. Is there a way to start developing a snap against 18.04 today?

Has anyone heard anything regarding basing a snap on 18.04 vs 16.04?

Thank you.

it’s doable, but you can’t use the build service or snapcraft’s container build mechanism to create the snap. Instead you need to spin-up an 18.04 machine specifically for the build yourself and run the build as root on that machine. Once you have an 18.04 machine for building your project you need to add a simple extra declaration to your snapcraft.yaml:

base: core18

Thank you for the info!!

I’m curious when bionic might become the primary for a base, and the build service may support it.

Appreciate the response.

I really need core18 support in the build service, too :frowning:

Yeah, I have been holding off on the Krita snap as it has major issues under 16.04. :yum:

@lucyllewy Where is “base:” documented? I don’t see a mention of it on the Snapcraft.yaml syntax page: https://docs.snapcraft.io/build-snaps/syntax

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Answered over there.

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