A GUI version of Snap interfaces would be great to have

For those who aren’t accustomed to the command line, being able to use Snap’s interfaces in a graphical-environment to connect/disconnect slots would be great to have.

Maybe a section in the system settings, like iOS’s and Android’s permission system.

@robert.ancell has been working on such a UI integrated into gnome-software (the graphical package manager shipped with Ubuntu). So you should see something like this soon.

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In Software, the “Permissions” button beside “Launch” and “Remove”.


Guess Discover still doesn’t have it because I can’t do that in Kubuntu

Hope it shows up soon.

Though I personally prefer it in System Settings instead.

It’s supported in KDE discover 5.12.15, so you will might just have to wait for an update to get it.

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Huh. I probably forgot to check since the update