A classic confinement for the `am-okay` program (a powerfull program allowing dynamically to copy or move files/dirs from the terminal)

Hello, my name is Baldé, I am a computer scientist.

I recently wrote a program called am-okay with the zsh and bash interpreters, the program in question allows copying or moving files or directories in a dynamic mode via a console(terminal), am-okay is a shell standalone program .

With this program you can tag files or directories as items to copy or move via a console(terminal), and paste these items via a another console(terminal).

After installing the am-okay program, you can execute the command am-okay --help or am-okay --doc to get more information on how to use the am-okay program. A lot of actions are possible, you can even tag files or directories in arrays and paste them wherever you want in your Linux system.

For it to work properly, I need classic confinement.

The program in question acts on the cursor and other features of the Linux system. Here is a Github link of the am-okay program in deb extension: https://github.com/baldeuniversel/linux

Thanks you for understanding.

Hi @baldeuniversel ,

Could you please elaborate on how this request is different to the previous request that you submitted three days ago?

Please note that your previous request is still in the reviewing queue. Thanks

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Hi ! @sahnaseredini .

I updated the program and the path towards the GitHub repository.