4KB Snap Challenge

Popey published a blog yesterday about small and compact snaps, https://snapcraft.io/blog/compact-and-bijou - such as his null snap which fits into 4KB, the smallest size a valid squashfs file, and hence snap can be.

Well, I decided to take his challenge of tiny snaps on, and present the qhttp snap, wrapping Pythons built in HTTP server abilities and confining them in snaps sandbox, with no home interface access, just desktop (for xdg-open), network and network-bind interfaces. The q stands for either quantum or quick depending on which mood Iā€™m in.

Ideal for if you want to quickly send a file across the LAN, or anything else that might need less than nginx or Apache2, and your hard drive only has a single 4KB block remaining.

Is there anyone else who fancies giving the tiny snap challenge a go :)!