2.34 release cycle started

The 2.34 release cycle has started and we pushed 2.34~pre1 into the beta channel.

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Where are release notes?

@abitrolly I updated the snapd roadmap now and the high level release notes are available at The snapd roadmap now.

A very detailed changelog can be found here https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/blob/release/2.34/packaging/ubuntu-16.04/changelog - but this is a level of detail that most people probably won’t need :slight_smile:

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We released a new 2.34.1 version with some small improvements and fixes. It is currently in the beta channel. The roadmap page got updated to reflect the improvements.

Hi @mvo, where can I get an executable copy of the new snapd 2.34 (usually I install it through apt)? I know it will be officially release on the 23rd, but would like to test out one of the new features.

snapd re-execs itself into the core snap on startup, so the deb is irrelevant … to get a newer snapd you just switch core to a newer channel, check with snap info core for the available versions and do something like sudo snap refresh core --beta depending which channel has the desired version …

to go back to the stable snapd you can always do:

snap refresh core --stable

(and to see what snapd you are currently running use snap version)

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The stable update has not happend yet because of the following issue:

In a nutshell: on systems without a battery powered clock (like the pi2,pi3,dragonboard) the apparmor parser can get confused about the cache and load a stale cache. Because we have new profiles in 2.34 this leads to failures at runtime (apparmor DENIALS) because the new profiles are not used but instead the (outdated) cached profiles from the previous core.

The fix is in progress and should land soon.