12.0 track request for NetBeans

NetBeans 12.0 LTS is going to be released soon. As it is an LTS release I’d like to request a track for that.
As 11.0 is going to be unsupported soon. I’d like to ask your opinion how shall be the unsupported LTS tracks handled? Shall that be removed or just leave it there?

Hi! This is done, per simplified process 12.0 is now available.

If you leave it there people will still be able to install this unsupported release, right?

If you’re absolutely not updating it at all, not even security updates, the best thing to do would be to close the tracks so people can’t get this unsupported software by mistake.

Make sure you indicate clearly on your download pages which releases are supported, why 11.0 is no longer available, and ideally update instructions for people on 11.0, so they don’t get caught by the next security vulnerability :slight_smile:

  • Daniel